About the ENCORE programme

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ENCORE (Engagement & COmprehension in REading) caters to primary school students who need instruction in reading comprehension.

Students attend weekly ENCORE lessons (90 min) where engaging activities are carried out in small groups to ensure meaningful learning.

The lessons focus on the three main factors that impact reading comprehension:  

  • developing vocabulary through the use of instructional texts
  • developing reading fluency through assisted reading
  • developing text engagement through instruction in comprehension strategies

Why would a student who can read need lessons in reading comprehension?

Comprehension is the “essence of reading” (Durkin, 1993).

Research has been shown that a major aspect of reading instruction is transforming comprehension skills into explicit strategies that are taught to children. As such, reading instruction does not end when students decode words. They continue to need instruction that will support their understanding of what they are reading.

Children with weak literacy foundation often fail to be engaged in their reading. Encore 4Their reading experience may involve no more than decoding words, resulting in poor comprehension skills.

Who should attend ENCORE lessons?

Students in Primary 1 to Primary 3 who are weak in reading comprehension will benefit from the small group instruction where they learn to attend to text through guided exercises.

How will the ENCORE programme benefit the students?

The lessons will help the children to:

  • move beyond decoding words to reading with comprehension
  • engage with the text
  • learn to answer comprehension questions (an essential requirement of school work)


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