Calvary Community Care (C3) is society in Singapore registered as a charity with IPC status. C3 is committed to comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies, good corporate governance practices and transparencies. All staff are expected to observe high standards of personal ethics and practice honesty and integrity in the course of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. C3 views malpractice seriously.

C3 recognises the benefits and importance of having an effective whistle-blowing mechanism in place to demonstrate a commitment to good corporate governance as well as providing a means for staff to responsibly report inappropriate behaviour.

This policy is applicable to all staff, including interns, part-time and temporary staff. It provides an avenue for staff to report in confidence without fear of reprisal on suspected improper activities or behaviour of serious nature that breaches applicable laws and/or C3’s policies & regulations.

Matters that can be reported include, but not limited to:
• Fraud
• Corruption
• Theft
• Conflict of Interest
• Bribery
• Illegal Activities

Individual staff grievances and complaints regarding terms and conditions of employment will continue to be reviewed under the relevant HR policies and guidelines.

Whistle-blowers are strongly advised to identify themselves and provide their contact details for communication and clarification purposes.
C3 will consider whistleblowing reports received anonymously but the concerns will be investigated on the basis of its merits.

Any staff who knowingly makes a false report will be subject to investigation and disciplinary action. 

Reporting of improper activities or inappropriate behaviour of serious nature is encouraged to be made in writing so as to assure a clear understanding of the issues.

Submission of Report
There are 3 ways to make a report to the C3 Audit Committee:
a) Website: calvary.sg
b) Email: whistle@calvarycomm.sg
c) Mail: C3 Audit Director
50 Playfair Road, Noel Building, #03-01 Singapore 367995 | T: 6546 2759
Whistle-blowers may contact C3 Audit Committee using the contact channels mentioned in 5.2 above to receive feedback on the progress of the report that has been made.

Any whistle-blowing report received shall be promptly referred to the Audit Director in C3 that will determine the appropriate action to be taken.
Whistle-blowers should give their full cooperation to the investigators when they are interviewed or asked to provide information. Whistle-blowers should not discuss or disclose matters concerning the investigation.