Our Board Members

Ho Han Kiat

Associate Professor
National University of Singapore

Janice Lee

Executive Director

United Overseas Bank Ltd

Janet Hu

Director, Conduct, Financial Crime & Compliance

Standard Chartered Bank

Koh Kok Chuan

Lead Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church

Leah Ng

15+ years of diversified HR experience

Catherine Ong

Catherine Ong Associates

Lim Tee Wee

Senior Investment Analyst
Nomura Asset Management Singapore

Lim Teck Wee

Regional Director

CyberArk Asean

David Tham

Jazcreation Pte Ltd

Chew Hock Yong

Former Permanent Secretary
Singapore Civil Service

Our Staff Team

Pauline (M.Public Policy., Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy) has helmed leadership positions in several social service and public agencies.


Don’t be mistaken by her small stature – Pauline has a strong passion for life and in co-constructing the community through service and social innovation!

Pauline Ruth Chin
Executive Director

Eunice Goh (B.Arts – Linguistics and Psychology., Monash University) has a vast teaching experience ranging from MOE appointments, teaching in a special needs to volunteer tutoring. She currently develops specially tailored curriculum for C3’s English reading programmes in the children’s department. 


More affectionately known as “Mama Eunice”, her nurturing nature and wisecracks brings warmth and laughter.

Eunice Goh
Programme Manager - Children

With a passion to reach out to seniors, Aileen manages our Befriending and Active Aging programmes. Her passion stems from her past experience in creating and executing programmes as a full-time volunteer over the past 2 decades.


Aileen is also an avid baker, bringing treats to our office every so often!

Aileen Wang
Programme Manager - Seniors

Wee Leong (M.Social Work., Singapore University of Social Science) leads the youth department by empowering his team to achieve their dreams and goals for the betterment of their youths.  His years of experience in youth mentoring and nurturing demeanor make him a highly approachable mentor. 

Passionate about solving puzzles and assembling Ikea furniture, Wee Leong runs on two cups of coffee daily – absolutely essential for his optimal functioning. 

Lee Wee Leong
Programme Manager - Youth

Jacquelyn (M.Counselling, Executive Counselling and Training Academy) oversees the counselling department with extensive experience serving across mental health communities and school-based counselling. She is passionate in empowering the youths and their families, serving alongside a team of dedicated staff and volunteer counsellors.

A music art lover, and an active mission traveller, who enjoys hearty meals with friends and family.

Jacquelyn Peh
Principal Counsellor

Cheryl (B.Business., Nanyang Technological University) is our manager of corporate services who drives volunteer engagement efforts and data management. At C3, she has her hands in anything related to communications and fundraising.


Cheryl enjoys music to unwind and recently picked up gaming from her colleagues too!

Cheryl Yeo
Manager - Corporate Services

Fiona runs programmes for youths at C3. With more than 4 years of experience in the youth scene – from running programmes, training, to international youth missions, she imparts skills to youths of different backgrounds.


In her free time, she can be found watching shows or playing games that youths play – you can say she has a little overgrown kid in her!

Fiona Tan
Assistant Manager - Youth

Elisa (B. Arts & Social Science (Hon), National University of Singapore) brings a wealth of experience from roles across the civil service, private sector, and social service agencies. Focused on supporting families, children, and ex-offenders, she demonstrates expertise in leadership, policy writing, training development, and volunteer coordination.

Off duty, Elisa finds joy in reading and enjoying ice cream. As a mother of three, she’s learned patience and empathy, qualities that enhance her professional interactions.

Elisa Ng
Assistant Manager - Children

Mark (PgD.Counselling Psychology, College of Allied Educators) is dedicated to supporting youth development. He leads after-school engagement programs focused on nurturing young individuals.

Currently pursuing his Masters in Counselling, Mark is a dedicated volunteer counsellor in other church and community centres. With a background as a former chef and a fervent Sushiro enthusiast, Mark’s passion for working with youth stems from his belief in maintaining a youthful spirit.

Mark Hsiong
Programme Executive - Youth

Samantha (G.D.Social Work, Singapore University of Social Sciences & B.Commerce, University of Melbourne) supports children’s programmes with joy. She enjoys working with children as they bring colour to her life, while also promoting her appreciation for Excel spreadsheets, a skill carried forward from her previous career.
Warm and gentle by nature, Samantha enjoys singing, playing the guitar, hunting for the best pizza and pasta places and working out with friends to burn off the calories too.

Samantha Chan
Programme Executive - Children

Peter (M.Counselling., Monash University) aspires to impact the lives of youths positively as a counsellor. His kind and encouraging nature builds them up in many ways!

He may be afraid of heights, but Peter is certainly not afraid to go to great lengths to understand youths going through life challenges.

Peter Lim

Tiernan (M.Counselling., Monash University) is a dedicated and compassionate individual who aspires to become a counselor at a young age, drawing from his own personal experiences of overcoming challenges.

His calm and approachable nature makes connecting with others on a deeper level almost effortless, especially with shared interests like gaming and music.

Tiernan Lee

Gennifer (B.Social Work., Singapore University of Social Science) is known by her youths as the fun and warm mentor, as she dedicates her passion, strengths and resources to youth work. With years of experience in the creative field, she is full of energy and ideas.


Gen likes all sorts of furry and funny things, from cracking random jokes to dogs, cats and hamsters!


Gennifer Wong
Social Worker

Jamie (B.Socialogy., University at Buffalo) helms one of C3’s youth drop-in centres based in schools. With a heart to sow in the next generation, she develops interest-based programmes for youths.

Jamie has a knack for fixing up nano blocks and appreciates time unwinding with Korean variety shows!

Jamie Ng
Programme Executive - Youth

Naomi (B.Human Resource Management, Singapore University of Social Sciences) has over a decade of experience in the private education sector, focusing on children aged 5 to 16. Naomi believes every child deserves a shot at education, regardless of their family’s social status. Oh, and did we mention she’s a certified chocoholic? Just don’t offer her coffee or tea – they’re not her vibe!

Naomi Yogeshwari
Programme Executive - Children

Jacintha (B. Communication., Singapore University of Social Sciences) brings five years of experience in mentoring children to the team. She possesses a diverse skill set, including freelance graphic design and a knack for planning events on top of her passion in working with children.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Jacintha enjoys cooking and immersing herself in books.

Jacintha Shalome
Programme Executive - Children & Corporate