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If you’re a school, corporate or a social service agency seeking to meet the needs in the community, we’d love to partner you.

Don’t see any thing that interests you? Contact us at to explore the possibility of other partnership opportunities as well!

  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Programme Partnerships
  • Partnership for Causes

Impact the lives of our beneficiaries and your staff today.

Employee-led or corporate-led partnerships bring talented individuals and resources together for the greater good of the community. Giving back to the community boosts the morale and team spirit of your staff and organisation. We can partner with you to:

Create Impact Together

  • Adopt a current programme aligned with your CSR objectives for regular volunteer sessions
    Existing Programmes
    • If your organisation allows staff to take regular time-off, they can use their time-off to visit our socially-isolated seniors in their home.
    • We organise youth events and workplace visits
  • Customise a session aligned with your skills and expertise for our beneficiaries or volunteers
  • Host workplace visits for youths-at-risk at your company

    “What youths lack in experience, we make up with exposure”

    The following partners have engaged our ACE students at their workplaces:

    • Bettermen Asia
    • Brewerkz
    • College of Alice and Peter Tan (NUS U-Town)
    • Evorich Holdings Pte Ltd
    • Singapore Airlines – Krisflyer Contact Centre
    • UPS Singapore
    • Pizza Hut Singapore
    • Marina Bay Singapore Cruise Centre (SATS)
    • House of Commons (HOC)
    • Dignity Kitchen
    • Sushi Tei
    • Sejong Korean Language School (Singapore)
    • RHB Bank
    • Singapore Press Holdings
  • Organise or sponsor excursions for our beneficiaries

Create a Giving Culture

  • Give as an organisation to fund our programmes/ events
  • Build a culture of giving at your workplace by partnering with C3 to impact our community in a sustainable way. Encourage your staff to be a regular donor and match their contributions
  • Organise internal fundraising events or support C3’s fundraising events

We invite schools and SSAs to partner with us, C3 can

  • Provide our English Literacy support programmes that help young struggling readers build a strong English literacy foundation
  • Set up and manage youth drop-in centres to meaningfully engage youths-at-risk after school
  • Conduct customised mental health related workshops for youths and their parents
  • Receive referrals to conduct counselling for youths and/or their parents
  • Provide programmes and services such as talks and workshops for the elderly

If you are a school, SSA or an organisation and you see a need we can meet through partnership, do contact us at 6281 1866 or email with the header Partnership Inquiries: Programmes to explore this option with us.

Co-Create Impact

Whether you are an individual, school group, or simply a group of friends who want to create impact together, there are endless opportunities for us to co-create!

We can partner with you/your group to:

  • Co-create curriculums and projects to engage youths-at-risk and build their resilience
  • Co-create meaningful events to keep seniors in our community active and engaged
  • Co-create projects to raise funds for causes we are passionate about
  • …. and more

Do contact us at 6281 1866 or email with the header Partnership Inquiries: Causes to explore this option with us!