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GROW (Gain Reading Oral and Writing skills) is a weekly structured skills-based programme to help struggling readers aged between 5-8 years old acquire reading skills. We offer both online and face-to-face lessons.

Our GROW features and methodology:
  • Tiered small group instruction
  • Explicit phonics instruction
  • Word recognition training
  • Guided reading for reading fluency
  • Two 14-lesson modules per year
  • 75-minute lessons (F2F), 45-minute lessons (Online)
How can I register my child/beneficiaries for GROW?

If you are a parent who is interested to register your child for GROW, please email Eunice Goh at to find out more. We will arrange a screening test to assess your child’s suitability for the programme.

We also partner with pre-schools and SSAs to run our GROW programme for students. Do contact us at +65 65462759 or email with the header Partnership Inquiries: GROW to explore this option with us.

Why do some children who attend preschools still need extra support?

Children respond differently to the standard lessons taught in a class of 20-25 children. Some do not receive adequate home support, especially non-English speaking home environments, while some learn at a slower pace and require more individual attention.

Without a good grasp of English literacy, the child will have difficulty coping with the academic demands of school.

Who will benefit from the GROW programme?

The students who will benefit from GROW are preschool children who lack grade-appropriate reading proficiency to cope with the academic demands as they start primary school as well as children who have started primary school but are still struggling to read.

How will the GROW programme help the students?
The GROW programme adopts the Response-to-Intervention (RTI) methodology which emphasizes:
  • Systematic screening,
  • Tiered intervention and
  • Progress monitoring

GROW students show significant progress in their phonics skills, word recognition ability as well as in their reading fluency. They benefit greatly from the close attention they receive in the small group instruction as well as the systematic and differentiated lessons that cater to their learning needs


Mrs. Yeo, Mother of 2 of Our Students

GROW and Storylab have been a wonderful part of my twins’ lives in pre-school where they were engaged in stories through Storylab where they benefitted from the passion and enthusiasm from the volunteers, whether online or face-to-face.

In particular, the Grow programme benefitted my girl who was initially struggling with reading to one who is now a confident reader in P1 now. Teacher Eunice was very skilful and used a variety of activities to engage my girl in her reading. Would like to take the chance to thank Eunice and all the wonderful volunteers for their passion and hard work put in to grow the literacy of our children in this precinct. Keep it up!

She used to be a struggling reader who could not read simple words

At the start of P1, Shi Ying could read fewer than 50 words. Her mother is Vietnamese and does not speak English while her father is deaf. Thankfully, Shi Ying is a very keen and diligent learner and with the help of the GROW reading support programme, she was able to make tremendous progress in her reading proficiency.

Click here to watch her story!

Mrs Lim Mui In, mother of Ryan Lim Yi Xin (Care Corner, St George’s)

I wish to express my deep felt thanks to you for teaching my son, Ryan Lim, through the GROW literacy programme. I’ve noticed marked improvement in Ryan’s reading ability. At the beginning of this year he was quite poor in sight words and phonics. Now he reads fluently and takes interest in storybooks and even science magazines and books. He enjoys reading about animals and longer stories with little help. He reads readily and quite independently. Quite amazing!

Appreciate your patience and great care in teaching Ryan. Thank You!

StoryLAB (Literacy Awareness Builders) aims to bring the experience of “bedtime stories” (shared book reading) into the community.

Through StoryLAB, we hope that children, especially those from non-English speaking homes, can enjoy the experience and its benefits. Children aged 4-8 are welcome to join us in our weekly sessions.

Our StoryLAB features:
  • Active and meaningful engagement with stories
  • Attention to text
  • Weekly 45-minute sessions
  • Small group reading

There will be both StoryLAB at Potong Pasir Community Club from 7.30PM-8.15PM on Mondays as well as StoryLAB Online for children who live further away. 

For StoryLAB Online sessions: Volunteers will read to your children in small groups of 2-3 children over Zoom video calls on Mondays, either from 7.30-8.00pm or 8.00-8.30pm.

If you are interested, please register below.
     Please note that
     1) The link will be sent to your email once you submit your registration.
     2) The email may be sent to your Junk folder

StoryLAB Online V2 Registration

  • If you have more than 1 child, please list their names, followed by their age in brackets. E.g. Eunice Tan (6), Sarah Tan (7).
  • Details on how to access StoryLAB online will be sent to your emails.
  • I fully understand and agree that the personal information which I have provided or are collected during C3 activities may be collected, used or disclosed for the purposes of:
    (a) Engaging me regarding C3 programmes, services and activities;
    (b) Record keeping, storage, audit and promotion of C3 and her programmes;
    (c) Inclusion in a publicity video, brochures and other collaterals. Information collected may include photographs, audio recording, videos or other media.

    I trust that the information will be used strictly for the purposes stated. I agree for C3 to contact me for purposes relating to C3 programmes, services and activities and maintaining the ongoing relationship with C3 until/unless I state otherwise.


How do I register my child/beneficiary for Story L.A.B.?

Please fill up the registration form above to register your child for StoryLAB Online. For more details/information, please contact Isabelle Tan at

We partner with community organizations and SSAs to run our Story L.A.B. programme for their beneficiaries. Do contact us at +65 65462759 or email with the header Partnership Inquiries: Story L.A.B. to explore this option with us.

Why is there a need for such a service to read aloud to children?

Studies have shown that reading aloud to children is the single most important activity for reading success in children.

Children with poor literacy foundation struggle to develop reading proficiency and become reluctant readers. This in turn affects their school progress. We aim to eliminate the guarantee of academic failure caused by poor literacy skills.

Who will benefit from Story L.A.B.?

ALL children will benefit from the experience of being read aloud to. However, this experience is especially beneficial and critical to children from non-English speaking homes.

How does Story L.A.B. help the children?

Being read to reaps a lot of benefits for the children! This includes:

  • Increasing vocabulary
  • Developing oral skills
  • Sharpening of observation skills
  • Enhancing listening skills
  • Providing opportunities for positive social interaction
  • Laying the foundation for reading comprehension
  • Building reading readiness

More importantly, reading aloud to children can promote a love for reading in the children.


What encouraged us at StoryLAB one Monday...

Every 4th Monday of the month, we replace the small-group reading session with a large group story reading followed by a simple craft for the children to do.

This particular week, one of our regular Story L.A.B. attendees, L (P1), came with his own book and kept asking us to read that book to him. When we told him that we were unable to do so because we had other plans for that session, he took his book and started reading to his friends who enjoyed it a lot as well!

It was very encouraging to see the children taking the initiative to read and be so excited about it – that is what Story L.A.B. aims to do!

"I hope to be part of this process in igniting the imagination of our young readers"

As Story L.A.B is specially designed to nurture every child to become self-motivated and joyful readers, I hope to be part of this process in igniting the imagination of our young readers through the power of storytelling.

Although there are hard moments, but the joy from the enjoyable moments often transcend the ‘down’ times.

The volunteering journey has been an extremely enjoyable one and it has also allowed me to grow with the children. I believe in the importance of education and the greatness of a village to raise a child.

-Li Ying, Volunteer

iREAD is a reading mentoring programme for children who have basic reading proficiency but are not reading extensively or for pleasure. Reading mentors will have one- to-one reading sessions with the children twice a week.

Each reading session will last between 30-45min per session. Our reading mentors will engage the children in discussions to extend their vocabulary, comprehension and develop critical thinking skills.

The children will receive subscription boxes, containing a reading activity, every 2 months. C3 will also arrange optional, complimentary holiday activities for the children to ensure that their continual engagement.

How can I register my child/beneficiaries for iREAD?

If you are a parent who is interested to register your child for iREAD, please email Eunice Goh at to find out more. We will arrange a screening test to assess your child’s suitability for the programme.

We also partner with pre-schools and SSAs to run our iREAD programme for students. Do contact us at +65 65462759 or email with the header Partnership Inquiries: iREAD to explore this option with us.

Who will benefit from the iREAD programme?

The children who will benefit from iREAD are children who have basic reading skills but are not reading extensively or for pleasure.

Much research has been done to show that reading enjoyment is more critical for a child’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic background.

How will the iREAD programme help the students?

Many of our students who have basic reading proficiency are often not able to progress beyond that as they are not reading extensively or for pleasure.

iREAD aims to encourage our students to develop a habit of reading by exposing them to a wide variety of books and topics through the sessions.

Sessions are conducted one-on-one to allow for deeper engagement between the student and their reading mentor.



From Mrs H., parent of 2 boys in GROW and iREAD

C3 has been amazing with my kids. The teachers go above and beyond in terms of support and care for the children. They truly try to engage the kids and spark the joy of reading from the children themselves. My kids started out barely reading three letter words, are now confident readers who enjoy reading and actually asks to read more without me chasing them!

In addition to our regular programmes run during the school term, C3 also runs 2 camps during the school holidays.

Camp GROW is held at the end of each year as a story day-camp for K1 and K2 children. We aim spark an interest in reading through stories, and story-related activities such as crafts, games and songs.

Camp TREASURE is our annual June Holiday day-camp for lower primary students to discover the fun in reading as they engage in reading activities, team challenges and games.

Keep a look-out on this page for more details nearer the date!

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