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Our Active Aging programme encourages seniors to stay healthy and active, both physically and mentally. Through a wide array of activities, we seek to engage the seniors and enrich their life experiences. Join us for a variety of exciting activities, from low impact aerobics, to rummikub and outings to various locations in Singapore.

From this year onwards, we accept seniors aged 65 and above, instead of 60.

How do I qualify as a member for this programme?
Members have to be:
  • Aged 60 years and above
  • Able to move around independently
  • Interested in being active and engaged in the community
  • Resident of the Potong Pasir Constituency

Give us a call at 8893 9049 or email Aileen at for more details on how to sign-up as a member of our Active Aging Programme

What activities are there now given the Covid-19 regulations?

In light of the latest regulations since 26 April 2022, we are resuming most of our physical activities for our Active Aging seniors.

Since the Circuit Breaker, we have also tried out online activities on zoom with our partners and will continue to organise such activities for seniors who are interested.

Does the active aging programme extend to all areas in Singapore?

No, it is only for seniors residing in the Potong Pasir Constituency.

Do I need to pay for this programme?

Most of our programmes are free, with the exception of a few ad-hoc events which may require a small fee.

Additionally, there is a compulsory fee of $8 for the programme t-shirt to be paid when registering.

Our Befriending programme provides friendship and psycho-emotional support to seniors who are lonely. Without intervention, these seniors will continue to be socially isolated, at risk of falling into depression or physical deterioration.

Additionally, our volunteers may provide support in the following areas where possible:
  • House cleaning and replacement of broken appliances or furniture
  • Escorting seniors to medical appointments
  • Accompanying frail seniors to do grocery shopping

Our befriending programme reaches out to less mobile and/or socially isolated seniors, over 60 years old through weekly home visits.

We hope that over time, our seniors will develop meaningful friendships with their befrienders and age gracefully in place.

How do I sign up for the Befriending programme?
There are two ways to sign up:
  • Through a referral from hospitals, family service centres or social service agencies
  • Call us at 8893 9049 or email Aileen, at to arrange for a home assessment. Other than the senior themselves, we encourage the senior’s family to be present during the home assessment.
Does the Befriending programme extend to all areas in Singapore?

Currently, our programme is only for seniors staying in the Potong Pasir constituency.

You can refer to this link to reach out to other organisations who provide similar Befriending services.

Do I need to pay for this programme?

No, the programme is free of charge.


The wonderful gift of hope

We met the Fong siblings who were in their 80s, during a home visit. We saw how each day passes with them staring at their ceilings, just waiting for time to pass. They suffer from dementia and greatly detest each other. They have no children, no one to care for them – life seemed miserable and they barely get by.

We are thankful that it has been months since our loving befrienders entered their lives. Through our befriending programme, we donated furniture, food, fixed up their TV, brought them out for outings and vaccination too. The Fongs look forward to the weekly visits as our befrienders became the only friends they could talk to.

From isolation to interaction

When we first visited Mr N, he was living alone in a cluttered and dirty living condition.

After getting to know him, he now looks forward to attending physical events so much. Despite his mobility condition due to a stroke which meant that he had to spend thrice as much time getting to a location, he was usually the first one to arrive at our Rummikub sessions!

It’s a great joy to see how C3’s Befriending and Active Aging programmes give him something to look forward to every week.

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