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Our team comprises experienced counsellors with clinical counselling training. All counselling services by all counsellors are conducted in accordance with the professional and ethical codes of practice.




Ms Jacquelyn Peh
Principal Counsellor,
SAC Clinical Member and Registered Counsellor,
ECTA Masters in Social Science (Counselling)/Swinburne University, CAE Diploma in Learning Disorder Management and Child Psychology, APACS Master Level 4/S Practitioner and Supervisor/ ACA Certification in Professional Supervision

With more the 15 years of clinical experience, Jacquelyn has journeyed with youths and their families suffering from depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorders, grief n loss issues. She uses cognitive behavioural, solution focused, gestalt, narrative and systemic therapy approaches in her restorative work for her clients..




Mr Peter Lim
Master of Counselling, Monash University
Bachelor of Business Administration, Wichita State University, USA.

Listening to people who are in need has been an area of Peter’s passion because of his personal encounter with mental health several years ago. He is empathetic and believes in giving undivided attention to the clients’ stories, especially their pains and sorrows.

Peter has witnessed how debilitating mental health problems can be and feels for young people who do not have the capability to seek counselling support because of their financial situation, social stigma, or dysfunctional family background. He is thankful for being part of the team where he specializes in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Narrative Therapy.
Prior to counselling, Peter spent thirty years in banking where he was involved in investment banking and wealth management. Peter is married with 4 grown up children.

We provide counselling services to youths between 12 to 25 years of age. We help those with mental health issues, and personal or interpersonal challenges in their lives.

Click this link to make an appointment with our counsellors.

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What We Do

Counselling is a journey into self-exploration and self-awareness. We allow our clients to decide how they wish to use the sessions and we provide the guidance they need to get to where they want to go. Taking the first step to ask for help is always the hardest and we hope to able to provide you with the support you need when you decide to do so.

If you/someone you know needs help, you can book an appointment via this link or call us at 6546 2759 or email our counsellor, Peter, at We will be able to do an initial assessment (free of charge) for you/your friend.

Due to higher than expected volume of youth seeking our counselling services, do take note that we require 3-4 working days to come back to you with your enquiries. Seeking your kind understanding about this.

Our Experience

We have worked with youths with the following issues: abuse and trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief, self-harm and suicide ideation. We work with parents and families to help resolve communication issues, past hurts and conflict management.

Our Counselling Hours

Please make an appointment via this link or contact us at 6546 2759 or email before dropping by for a visit as all sessions are currently by appointment only.

(All by appointment only)
Monday-Friday: 9.00am-6.00pm (Either face to face or online counselling)
Sessions scheduled after 6.00pm on weekdays or on Saturdays are on a need-to basis and subjected to availability of counsellors

Due to higher than expected volume of youth seeking our counselling services, do take note that we require 3-4 working days to come back to you with your enquiries. Seeking your kind understanding about this.

How much are the counselling fees?

We offer a subsidised rate of S$50.00 per hour. Each session is about an hour long.
If you require financial assistance, you will need to put in a request prior to the start of sessions. Your application will be reviewed based on your needs and you would be notified if you qualify for a further subsidy of either $25.00 per hour or $5.00 per hour.

Do I need parental consent to get counselling help?

It is encouraged to always get your parents to support you. However, we know that it might be challenging at times to do so. We encourage you to write to us or call us and we will give you advice from there. You can call us at 6281 1866 or email our counsellor, Peter, at

I have a child who I think needs help, however, I have difficulties convincing him/her to seek help. Can you still help me?

Yes. Sometimes we understand that getting your child to seek help is challenging. We can see the parents first to help you learn ways of engaging your child better and eventually getting him/her to seek help too.

I am already 25 years old this year. Do I still qualify for your counselling programme?

Yes you do. As long as you start seeing us before you turn 26 years old, you still qualify for our age range. For those who are just above the age of 25 years old, please do write to us or call us and we will advise you from there.


"After about 2 months of working, Megan started to experience depression and had strong thoughts of wanting to leave her job."

Megan (not client’s actual name) is 24. She has bipolar disorder and her mood is easily triggered by stress at school/work. In 2018, she started full time employment again after 2 years of focusing on recovering from her mental health condition. After about 2 months of working, Megan started to experience depression and had strong thoughts of wanting to leave her job.

However, this was not possible as she needed income to pay for her rent and necessities. This stress left her feeling helpless and stuck. After several sessions of counselling to manage her expectations at work, coping strategies to manage her mood better, as well as working through her relationships with her life partner, she eventually got through her struggles and eventually found a job that was less stressful and demanding.

Megan is now doing well and is planning to get married by 2020, we are so happy to celebrate with her 🙂 .

ACE STAR was established in February 2014 and is a support programme in partnership with schools and community partners. We aim to help youths cope with emotional and/or psychological issues through counselling.

More on ACE STAR
Our Objectives
  • Develop client’s social and functional competencies through counselling
  • Work with schools to develop programmes that may help improve mental health among their students
  • Enhance family strengths and resources in order to minimise risk, promote safety and improve life functioning
  • Assist and equip families and its community in caring for their youth
ACE STAR Partners
Some of the schools we have worked with are:
  • Guangyang Secondary School
  • Yuying Secondary School
  • Bedok Green Secondary School
  • Pei Chun Public School
  • Northbrooks Secondary School
My school may be keen to work with your organisation but already has school counsellors. Is this still possible?

Yes, in fact all of the schools we work with already have their in-house counsellors. We come in to support the counsellors in their caseload and allow the flexibility to work with the students’ families as well.

Do contact us at 6546 2759 or email with the header Partnership Inquiries: Counselling to explore this option with us.

What qualifications do your counsellors have?

Our counsellors have a Post-graduate Diploma or a Masters in Counselling as well as relevant experience working with youths.

How do I contact you if I am interested?

You may put up GeBiz ITQs or contact us directly for more information at 6546 2759 or email


"She would be very anxious about making her friends upset and had trouble focusing in school because of these issues"

Kady (not actual student’s name) was introduced to our counsellor as she struggled with making friends in school.

She would be very anxious about making her friends upset and had trouble focusing in school because of these issues. She also had alot of expectations of herself and others.

After about half a year, she is coping better in school and now discovered that she is contented with just 1-2 close friends instead of trying to get along in a bigger group of friends. She is also more confident of herself and even took on a leadership position in an after school programme!

We provide clinical supervision to practicing counsellors as well as interns. Supervision allows us to identify our blind spots and analyze our cases on a deeper level. Our supervisors are registered under the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) and follow the ethical standards set by SAC.

Our Supervision Hours (By appointment only)
Monday-Friday: 9.00am-6.00pm
Last Saturday of the month: 11.00am-2.00pm

What are the fees for supervision?

Individual Supervision: $120/h (90 minutes sessions are preferred, however, supervision sessions should be at least 60 minutes long)

Group Supervision is available upon request. Please write in to for more details if you are interested.

Is there a criteria for supervisees to seek supervision?

As long as you are in the field of working with youths with emotional, behavioural or mental health issues, you are welcome to seek supervision for your work with us.

I wish to be recognised by SAC as a registered counsellor and hence need to clock in supervision hours. Will I be able to do that through your supervision services?

Yes, you are able to do so. Our supervisors are recognised by SAC.

We conduct customized workshops to psychoeducate and enhance mental wellness. We have experience conducting psychoeducation talks on depression, anxiety and self-harm. We have also provided workshops for youth workers or mentors who wish to build on their skills to communicate with youth with mental health.

How many participants can the workshop cater to?

It depends on the topic of the workshop. We are able to cater for small groups of about 10 people to about 50 participants per workshop.

My school/organisation is interested in conducting a talk on mental health, is this something you can help us with?

Yes. However, it depends on availability of the dates as well as size of the group of people this talk is catered for. It is best to contact us early so that we are able to accommodate to your needs.

What are the costs of getting you to come and do a talk/workshop with us?

Our rates vary from $50 to $100 per hour. However, there may be additional charges if you require us to customise a talk/workshop for your school/organisation.

How do I contact you if I am interested?

You may contact us directly for more information at 6546 2759 or email


"This (workshop) allowed us to be open about our opinions"

“The workshop was relevant to me as I am a peer support leader in my school. Through the workshop, I was able to learn how to encourage and support my friends more effectively.

I learnt the importance of listening or just being there for someone when they have a problem to share with you. I found it good that we were given time to interact and discuss the given situations with the other people attending the workshop. This allowed us to be open about our opinions and is a platform for better learning as well!”

– Eliora, Participant of Helping Peers with Anxiety Workshop

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