Year 2024
May 2024

Inspired to Inspire: Strengthening Youth Resilience

May 14, 2024

My friend, Ryan, who served National Service with me lent me his book, ‘This is what Inequality looks like and it inspired me to join the social service sector. Not knowing where to start, I asked him about his previous volunteering experience. He told me he used to volunteer in C3 by giving academic coaching to Guangyang Secondary School students while he was in JC.

Right after the army in 2020, I joined C3 as a youth volunteer before working part time in 2021. It was a good way to enter the industry as I was new and felt supported by my colleagues. At that time, I was a Youth Programme Executive, in charge of planning and running programmes for the school.

Meaningful Relationships

Building relationships with the youths that lasted for 4 years in the youth programme and seeing them grow to be a better person, is so inspiring and rewarding.

We once ran a youth overnight programme where we had dinner. We did an activity to emphasise empathy and made our own time capsule. The plan was for my colleague and I to take turns to rest throughout the night, but it changed when two of them decided to share about their personal lives. We ended up spending the whole night having a heart-to-heart talk which I treasured a lot.

Music and Gaming – A Great Way to Connect

Playing video games used to be a way to escape my responsibilities. Now it serves as a hobby and a tool to engage students when I can impress them with the skills I picked up.

During my National Service, I learnt to play the guitar on my own. It was one of the goals I set to better myself. It paid off as music is a language most students ‘speak’ so I enjoy playing the guitar and connecting with them through songs. It helps me understand them on a deeper level.

I recall fondly about performing on stage for our Volunteer Appreciation event with youths from our PACE drop-in centre in Marsiling in 2023. It brought me much joy that they were able to use their strengths and love for music to contribute to society.

I truly believe that in the midst of our struggles and weaknesses, we remember to affirm each other and use our strengths.

Xing Quan in C3 Staff Retreat

Xing Quan will be leaving in June 2024 for his practicum while pursuing his studies in social work. All the best Xing Quan!