Year 2024
January 2024

Beyond Chinese Painting: Opening Doors in Social Support

January 31, 2024

Ms Su stays alone in Potong Pasir and has kept to herself for over eight years after a traumatic time with her family. She works every Sunday for four hours, visits her mother at a nursing home and goes for regular appointments at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

Assessed as lacking social support, Viriya Family Service Centre referred Ms S to Calvary Community Care (C3) to give her more social interaction as limited opportunities to socialise put her at risk of decreased cognitive engagement which may lead to dementia. Another risk is the development of physical and mental health issues such as increased stress or anxiety levels.

Recognising these risks in the socially isolated, C3’s Programme Manager for Seniors, Aileen Wang started sharing with Ms Su about suitable befriending activities. After much persuasion, Ms Su joined our Chinese Painting Class. A few days later, Ms Su called Aileen to say she wanted to continue with the Chinese Painting Class. On the third week, she went to the class on her own!

Ms Su now attends our Chinese Painting class regularly. Recently, she attended our International Volunteer Day craft session and made friends with one of our volunteers. One volunteer was able to bring her out for a steamboat lunch – an experience she had not tried before.

The is a significant breakthrough for Ms Su who can finally step out of her comfort zone to learn new skills, meet people and integrate with the community.

Feedback from Sponsor of C3’s Befriending Programme
“It’s really encouraging and fulfilling to have such positive feedback on our clients. Hats off to C3 and all supporting members for this activity. The combined effort to see our clients progress is equally fulfilling for RCBT as well.”

– Mr Ajitchandran Vasant Sule, President of Rotary Club Bukit Timah (RCBT)

About C3’s Befriending Programmes for Seniors

C3 has a variety of Befriending programmes providing friendship and psycho-emotionalsupport to lonely seniors. Without intervention, these seniors will continue to be socially isolated, at risk of falling into depression or physical deterioration. Contact C3 at 6546 2759 or write to for more information.