Year 2020
June 2020

Defining Our "Phase 1" (Post CB)

June 02, 2020

5 Ps we need in Phase 1 (Post Circuit Breaker)

Since the start of the “lockdown”, stress, uncertainty and restlessness have been common sentiments for most of us. However, in the midst of it all it’s important to remember that we can still take charge of our lives!

Let’s begin our Phase 1 with the end in mind. What are some goals you would like to set? Here are 5 Ps to help define your Phase 1!

Make Progress

Whether it’s baking, photography or even IT skills, use this opportunity to challenge yourself and learn things you have always wanted to do. Here are some of our suggestions for you:

Widen your knowledge :

  • For those looking to upgrade or pick up new skills, Coursera is our choice online course provider. Check out Class Central for a classification of the 1400+ Coursera courses according to your interest!

Learn Life Skills:

  • From language learning to cooking – we’ve got you covered! If you’re a newbie cook like most of us, find local recipes at Noobcook to get started! Check out our resource kit for more options!

Meet People

Feeling disappointed that we still can’t go out with friends or dine out on a Friday night? Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected with your loved ones, or even make new friends! 

  • Bond with your loved ones on video conferencing platforms such as Skype, Zoom or Google Meet. You can try something novel together, exercise together, cook together or just catch up with each other! 
C3 Staff playing online games over google meets

C3 Staff playing “Never Have I Ever” during our Google Meets session!

  • Make new friends over curated conversations hosted by Friendzone
  • Sign up as a volunteer through platforms such as, or follow VolunteerJio if you’re on Telegram to lend a helping hand to those who may be struggling during this time.

your Physical Health

Sitting on your couch scrolling through your phone? Get up and move around after reading this article! Even though sports, recreation and outdoor facilities remained closed, that’s no excuse not to exercise!

Stay fit together:

  • There are many fitness channels on YouTube such as HASfit which offer fitness modules catered to different audiences (including elderly-friendly and prenatal exercises)
  • Don’t know how to use YouTube? No worries! Join our local press holdings company, Singapore Press Holdings: Zaobao, at 7am every morning to follow their live workouts!

Healthy eating:  

Singapore Heart Foundation  offers a wide array of recipes you chould try out for fun that are also really good for your health! 

OUR Psychological (Mental) Health

Know someone going stir-crazy from being at home all day? You can check out Healthhub Singapore or read some of our tips on mental wellness:

  • Strike a balance between work and play by creating your own personalized timetable 
  • Share about your week to a friend. Or be there for someone who needs a listening ear this season. If you know someone struggling in this area, we also provide counselling services for youths.
  • You can also take some time to meditate and clear your mind before beginning your day. Try to remain aware of your feelings and emotions during the day and give yourself a break when you need it!
  • Most importantly, you can take this time to catch up on sleep! With many of us working from home, we should do our best to maintain a proper sleeping schedule to start our day right to achieve optimum performance throughout the day.


In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, no one is certain when would the “normal” we know return. It seems like we are in this together for the long haul, and spreading positivity might just be the element to keep us going!

If you find positivity by being spiritually recharged or refreshed, you can consider:

Bring positivity to those around you!

  • Pray for someone and let them know you thought of them! Don’t know who to pray for? Follow praysg on Telegram, a channel started by two 18-year-old students from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), who aim to encourage people to find rest in God in this troubling time through prayer and intercession.
  • Send a surprise to your friends to spread some positivity too. It can be in the form of a quick WhatsApp message, snail mail or a food delivery to them! Let them know they aren’t alone and that you are with them too.

We can be the ones spreading positivity to those around us! Need more ideas? Download our “Phase 1 C3 Resource Kit” for ways you can do so! 😊

C3 Resource Kit for Phase 1

Together, we will overcome these trying times. Let’s make the most of our days as we transit into our new “normal”. Do bookmark and share this article on social media as well as with your friends and family to empower them to take charge of their lives during Phase 1 😄