Year 2020
September 2020

I See Myself in Them

September 18, 2020
Recounting his experience
C3 youth turned volunteer story

Sen Xu: “I see myself in them”

18-year-old Ng Sen Xu was inspired by his experience at PACE, a Youth Activity Centre run by Calvary Community Care (C3). He hopes to pass on what he has learnt to his juniors so that they can be guided to make the right choices.

Sen Xu recalls how school life was stressful. It was all about studying hard – no time for fun or friends. But things changed in 2015 when he joined PACE. He made new friends, engaged in activities that helped to release stress and had greater motivation in life.

It was at PACE where he met friendly volunteers and youth workers who made a difference in his life. PACE opens 3 times a week and averages at close to 30 youths at its peak. Now a volunteer, Sen Xu identifies with the struggles students face. “The future is uncertain for everyone. But don’t be afraid to get help from those who care for you – parents, teachers and PACE volunteers, encouraged Sen Xu.

A sneak peak into the past

Roger, C3’s Youth Programme Manager who knew Sen Xu since he was 13 shares how he has grown.

“Today, at 18, he never considers himself too young to serve the very ones who drop-in at our youth centre. To guide them from experience.” comments Roger.

Watch what PACE looks like in this video taken in 2016 and see if you can spot a young Sen Xu!