Year 2019
October 2019

"Such connection and long-term involvement created sustainability and depth in the partnership."

October 08, 2019

We started partnering with Singapore Poly in 2017. Read more about the partnership from Ms Angie.

“It had been a meaningful and fruitful partnership for both my students and the beneficiaries.

Ms Angie Ng (bottom right), Department of Alumni and Student Relations

Some of the benefits I see for my students are they learnt much in the area of engaging the elderly whereby most of them struggled initially due to some of their limitations, like their communication skills.

However, the elderly with C3 are the most fun-loving and energetic group that we encountered, always so encouraging and appreciative of their little efforts in planning the activities. There were times that my students struggled with some of the activities but the elderly were very accepting and assuring. Not forgetting having great staff like Abigail who constantly guided them and helped them to take note of some details that were missed out due to their lack of experience. The service-learning component that we emphasized for our students were positive with much autonomy given and there are the empowerment of both volunteers and beneficiaries through some of the events/activities planned.

The significant moments were that some of my students from Leo club were looking forward to meeting with the elderly whom they have been engaging since their first year in SP, and they shared how some of the elderly actually still remembers them! Such connection and long-term involvement created sustainability and depth in the partnership. These are both quality and quantity involvement, where impactful experiences for both beneficiaries & volunteers are positive.”