Year 2018
September 2018

71 and still dancing strong!

September 08, 2018

Question: What happens when your senior beneficiaries agree to play a part in giving back to your organisation?

Answer: Simply funny and memorable moments!

When we first showed our seniors the boom floss challenge, all of them shook their heads and told us that they couldn’t do it. The most commonly heard comments (in Chinese) from our seniors were “Our hips cannot shake like that!”, or “Young kids these days look so good doing this dance but we elderly 跳的很丑”. As you can imagine, this was surely a huge step out of their comfort zone.

Yet the new dance concept, hard-to-grasp music (even we got out of tempo many times!) did not deter them. In the end, our lovely seniors were even excited to be wearing shades for the dance item! Aren’t they simply amazing?

Our seniors after the last dance practice

They did ALL THAT for our second Gala Dinner & Art Auction, which was held on 8th Sept 2018 at Novotel Singapore on Stevens. Many donors came forward to give selflessly. Through the event, C3 raised a total of $152,918.00 including $17,792.00 from an art auction. This amount raised will be used to fund even more activities to help our seniors in their health and mental wellbeing.

The generosity of our donors, life stories shared and performances were to us, the highlights of this event. The loving couple Guan Par and his wife, Tan Leong are regular members who head down together almost daily to join the senior programmes. Once when I caught him at an event, Guan Par was beaming from cheek to cheek as he shared how he looks forward to them, especially the exercises as “exercise is a good way of spending my time with others, it is both meaningful and good for my health”.

As his birthday is exactly on the 8th Sept, we had the wonderful opportunity to do a simple celebration for Guan Par’s 71st birthday. Just look at the smiles on their faces!