Year 2021
April 2021

The Sparkle in Their Eyes

April 23, 2021

“I’m a youth worker” is not something you frequently hear as an answer to the casual question of “What are you doing these days?”. More often than not, our youth workers Jarrett and Li Ting have had to explain what they do to others.

As youth workers, they seek to engage, enrich and empower the youths by providing adequate support and guidance. They help youths mature and grow in a healthy environment by building relationships and helping to steer them in the correct direction.

Understanding them

Li Ting will never forget when a youth, who has been constantly scolded by her teachers, told her that she was “numb” to it, and rebelled even more because of the lack of mutual respect between her and her teachers.

Instead of lecturing her like the others, Li Ting conversed with her to understand her better. As she showed care and patiently listened to her,  Li Ting caught the sparkle in the youth’s eyes mid-conversation and knew her hard work as a youth worker was not going to waste.

Li Ting with the youths in her school playing a board game together

The true joy in her work comes from being able to speak to the youths’ hearts and knowing that she had won the youths’ trust and respect, and can guide them in the right path.

Listening to them

Seeing the youths he works with excitedly tell him about their lives after a long weekend is one of Jarrett’s highlights too. He finds joy in knowing that he has such a good relationship with the youths that they even treat him like family.

Depicts the youth worker playing with the youths to show how close they are

Jarrett with the youths who never hesitate to tell him about their lives

Though there might only be a small number of them, the youth workers here in C3 have impacted countless youths, and their work has been anything but small.

“One of the most gratifying parts about being a youth worker is knowing that you are part and parcel of a youth’s journey during their crucial developmental years. Furthermore, you get to watch them flourish and grow in their character overtime.” – Li Ting, Youth Worker


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